Saturday, June 23, 2007

Keep Your Pants Up or It Can Cost You $25G/ Month

Rapper 50cent has a child with a woman named Shaniqua Tomkins. They are no longer together and he pays child support. However Ms. Tomkins is taking him back to court because she does not think the $25 grand per month is not enough money for her to support their son.

Now I'm sorry, but if your cannot take care of your child for $25 g's a month then you need a lesson in money management. Does anyone know Dave Ramsey's phone number? here's some quick math:
  1. $25g/ month = $300,000/ yr
  2. $300,000 x 18 yrs. = $5.4 million

The only reason she wants more cash is because 50 cent is worth millions. I think this woman needs a wake-up call as to the reality of the amount of child support most moms in this country get. I know for a fact there are thousands of mothers who would love to get $25 g's per year let alone every month.

Wake-up sweetheart!!! You are making out just fine! The money is not for you anyway, it is for your son.

Men, the moral of the story is this: Keep Your Pants Up or It Can Cost You $25G/ Month!

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