Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Are You Serious?!?!?!?

OK, so what I am about to tell you is real. I know because I read this on the web page of a national television news channel. (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

Apparently someone from the Air Force asked for $7.5 million to develop a "Love Bomb"

The article read as follows:

"The Air Force on Tuesday confirmed a report that in 1994 a military researcher requested $7.5 million to develop a non-lethal "love bomb" that would chemically alter the state of mind of enemy troops and make them want to have sex with each other rather than fight.

The idea was proposed by an Air Force researcher at a lab at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, but it was rejected by the Defense Department.

As part of the military's goal of developing non-lethal weapons, the proposal suggested, "One distasteful but completely non-lethal example would be strong aphrodisiacs, especially if the chemical also caused homosexual behavior.

The proposal also offered other ideas, such as a "sex attractant" chemical that would make "annoying and injurious creatures" like stinging bugs more aggressive and draw them to the enemy's position. Another chemical would leave such a strong stench, the enemy would be detectable for weeks.

A Defense Department spokesman said that he was not aware of any "love bomb" proposal but called the idea one of the most ridiculous things he'd heard."

Yea, it's ridiculous alright. I mean this sort of thing gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "getting caught with your pants down." Having been in the military myself let me tell you that if a "Love Bomb" got dropped on our enemies believe me they are not going to sit by and commit sodomy in an uncontrollable fit of lust while we attack them. Can you imagine the scene as our troops approach? I want to elaborate I really, really do but I think your imagination can picture it well enough.

Besides what are the implications of such a bomb? If we can develop a chemical that will force otherwise heterosexual males engage in homosexual acts...would there not be a way to reverse that and make otherwise homosexual people "not be gay"? I mean...that would be an evangelicals dream!! (Again with the sarcasm. Sorry about that... kind of)

I can only imagine the controversy that would ensue as a result of such a development. A "Love Bomb"? Who comes up with this stuff?

Are You Serious?!?!?!?

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