Monday, November 10, 2008

Sorry I've been out for a while!

you know, since my discovery of facebook i have done a very poor job of keeping up with my blog.
sorry about that.

life certainly has a way of getting away from you when you are not looking.

something wonderful happened to our family over halloween. Delaney went trick-or-treating with us and did really great!! she stayed with us the whole time and didn't wander off. she did not try and go her own way and kept up with her brother at getting candy. there were no meltdowns and she did not throw herself down on the ground and pitch a fit. she was all smiles and said, 'thank you' to those who gave her candy.

it was the most 'normal' Jennifer and I have ever felt as a family in public. that seems strange to say but unless you have a child with special needs you would not understand if I explained it to you. not that your stupid or anything, it's just that I would rather explain to a woman what it is like to give birth than to explain what I mean by feeling 'normal'.

how about you? what is your fondest Halloween memory?