Saturday, September 8, 2007

Are They Christian?

In a previous post labeled "The One True Church", someone wrote a comment that I would like you to read. In it he asked a very good question. The context was discussing who is the one true church. His question was about heresy. "The bible says if we "confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from the dead" we are saved. But is there a quantifiable limit on what sort of heresy we can stack on that foundation without undermining it?...What minimum amount of orthodoxy is required for salvation and membership in the True Church?"

I have found this question difficult to answer. Does your theology have to be 100% correct to be saved or can you have some "misunderstandings" or "wrong ideas" about certain things and still be saved? If so, where is the line drawn for such things?

I ask this because I just read an article in the paper with the same title as this blog asking whether Mormons are Christian. The issue seems to be surfacing again as a result of Mitt Romney's run for the presidency.

So I pose to you this same question my friend posed to me.

Are They Christian?

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